“Hey black people, old people, poor people and students. Guess what you all have in common?” Sarah Silverman asks in a new, incredibly NSFW PSA.

We can’t print what the answer is here – nor much of anything else from the four-minute clip. Suffice to say, she’s fired up about new voter fraud laws and wants to get people registered to vote. In typical Silverman fashion, there are a lot of R-rated quips in between some great information about what you need to have in order to vote Nov. 6.

Let My People Vote” isn’t Silverman’s first time delving into politics. The outspoken comedian had an “indecent proposal” for a Mitt Romney superdonor, pushed the envelope with some abortion tweets, and held a NAACP fundraiser in Rick Perry’s home state after some of his remarks.

Check out the PSA below to find out why you should get your Nana a gun license ASAP:

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