By James Hibberd
Updated September 21, 2012 at 04:00 PM EDT
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Fox and the social media giant Twitter have teamed to put the third season premiere of Raising Hope online. Today through Sept. 27, the episode will be available via the show’s official Twitter page The show will be presented without commercials. This represents the first time a full episode of TV has been officially released to play within Twitter itself (rather than, say, a network promoting a link to a player on another site).

“Season Three is shaping up to be our best season yet, so we’re excited about this opportunity for new viewers to sample the show, as well as giving a sneak peek to our loyal fans who know how to use Twitter,” said the show’s creator, Greg Garcia in a statement. “My father, however, will have to wait to see the premiere episode on regular TV on Oct. 2, but that’s what he gets for being old.”

Beyond the show’s social media page, the video can also be shared (if you follow @RaisingHopeFOX, the handle will tweet an exclusive link to the episode). Visually, the player is similar to how Twitter has a pop up window for photos or YouTube videos. “In the space of 140 characters on Twitter, Fox is introducing fans to some of the funniest characters on TV,” said Fred Graver, head of TV at Twitter. “Fox’s innovative approach to Twitter will bring millions of fans closer to a hotly anticipated fall premiere.”

In the premiere, titled “Not Indecent, But Not Quite Decent Enough Proposal,” Sabrina (Shannon Woodward; @shannonwoodward) introduces the Chance family to her mother, Tamara (guest star Melanie Griffith; @MelanieGriffith), at the funeral of her grandmother, Nana (guest star Tippi Hedren), who has a posthumous surprise in store for the family in her video will. “The Season Three premiere is hilarious and charming, and we know all of our fans are going to be compelled to #ShareHOPE with their followers and friends,” said Fox marketing executive Laurel Bernard.

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