Another vampire series is coming to TV, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Guillermo del Toro is adapting The Strain Trilogy that he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan as a series for FX. According to Deadline, the two men will pen the pilot episode, and Lost veteran Carlton Cuse is expected to be the showrunner.

I know what you’re thinking, naysayers. Another vampire TV show? But the Strain Trilogy — which includes The Strain, The Fall and The Night Eternal — is a totally different take on the vampire mythology, and honestly, one of the scariest book series I’ve ever read. In a pop-cultural landscape overcrowded with romantic vampires, it’s nice to see true monsters make a return. So in honor of the pilot order, here are five things from the book series we can’t wait to see on TV. (HUGE SPOILER ALERT, of course):

1. The vampires: Del Toro and Hogan’s bloodsuckers are entirely original. Rather than fangs, they sport long tongues that latch onto the victim with a thick stinger. If you’re not too freaked out already, here’s a picture to give you an idea.

2. The plane landing: The Strain opens in true del Toro fashion — super creepily. A plane lands at JFK, then goes dark. It sits on the tarmac, completely silent and still. The pilots are unresponsive and the doors remain sealed. When the plane is finally breached, everyone on board is dead in their seats, save for four people. In the book, you don’t get to see any of what happened on board the aircraft, only the aftermath. In the TV show, however… Well, let’s just say I’m hoping for a Fringe-style pilot episode.

3. The morgue breakout: The passengers from the plane are all brought to the morgue… Then they wake up in the freezer in their altered state, and head out on a rampage through New York, including right through the middle of Times Square.

4. The underground attack: This comes from the second book in the trilogy. A train tries to leave New York for New Jersey only to be attacked in the tunnels. I still have problems taking NJ Transit because of this sequence.

5. The bomb: A vampire sets off a nuclear bomb to blot out the sun. That will be one heck of a season finale.

What are you most excited to see, Strain fans?

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