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The dog days of summer are officially over! This week on our podcast dedicated to all things geek-tacular, Jeff Jensen and I take a good hard look at the upcoming season of videogame sequels. There is one game we’re excited about (hint: It’s about assassins who have a creed) and a new console we’re skeptical about (hint: it rhymes with P.U.) But that’s just a warm-up for a big conversation about the epic finale to this season of Big Brother, which already inspired yours truly to write a 4000-word recap. (If you’re a Big Brother fan, be sure to check out Big Daddy Dalton Ross’s Inside TV podcast this week, which functions as a hilarious and sad epilogue to the season.) We wrap up this week’s podcast with a conversation about Last Resort, the new ABC nuclear submarine drama. Bold predictions are made, boldly!

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Big Brother

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