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The wait is finally over Awkward. fans! Jenna (Ashley Rickards) listened to her heart and chose SPOILER her first love Matty (Beau Mirchoff) over Jake (Brett Davern) in last night’s season two finale. Her head (and inner dancing queen) wasn’t too happy with the decision. Now that the love triangle has dissolved, what does it mean for the series at large? Well, here’s what you can expect from season three. You’re welcome.

It’s no longer all about the boys. Show creator, writer, and executive producer Lauren Iungerich broke down the series to three philosophical concepts. ”Season one was ‘Who am I?’, season two is ‘Who do I want to be with?’, and season three is about ‘Who do I want to be?’ It’s a question of not just where you are, but where you want to go as a person.” So now that Jenna has rekindled her relationship with Matty and forfeited her spot on the school Euro trip to spend the summer with him, she has to figure out who she is as a person in order to better understand her role in the relationship. And now in her junior year, she’s thinking about life after high school. It looks like me is finally trumping we.

The Asian mafia will be back — with a vengeance. When we last saw Ming, her plan to break all the rules was thrown out the door when Fred (Kelly Sry) told her he had to change schools. They shared one last passionate kiss before he ran off for fear that Asian mafia queen bee Becca (Jessika Van), who used to date Fred, would harm Ming. Well, love is a battlefield and the two girls will wage war next season. What’s more, Iungerich said we’ll learn more about the difference between an ”Asian bi***” and a ”white bi***”. ”Season three is playing with the idea of Ming, who is more immersed in the white world and that culture, trying very hard to get in touch with her Asian universe so that she can Asian bi*** Becca back.”

Lacey’s (Nikki Deloach) high school sweetheart Ben (Kristoffer Polaha) might return. Jenna’s parents Lacey and Kevin (Mike Faiola) have reunited, but trouble still looms in the air, Iungerich foreshadowed. ”Kevin still doesn’t know that she kissed Ben, but Jenna does. Therein lies a potential conflict down the road. I don’t even thing that Lacey knows that Jenna has seen it.” Iungerich has a ”really cool idea of how to bring [Ben] back.” Well, one triangle crumbled, it’s only fitting that another forms in its place.

Jenna and Lacey’s relationship dynamic will change. Lacey’s character redeemed herself by the end of the season, causing the audience to empathize with her and forgive her for penning ”the letter.” Instead of bullying Jenna or treating her more as a friend than a daughter, Iungerich said Lacey will learn to draw a line between the two challenging roles.

Other questions still remain unanswered though. Are Jake and Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) in a relationship? Will Sadie (Molly Tarlov) forgive Ricky (Matthew Fahey) after he cheated on her (with another guy)? Will the season start off at the beginning of the school year or will we see Jenna’s summer with Matty? I guess we’ll have to tune in next season to find out.

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