While half the country is spending the day winding through centipede-like lines in hopes of nabbing an iPhone 5, a growing number of early adopters of iOS 6 (the software update for iDevices) are online puzzling over' or more accurately taking potshots at' Apple's brand new Maps app. A replacement for Google's stalwart navigation app, which had been included since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 (and c'mon, it's the best), Apple decided for unknown reasons to go it alone with their own version. But despite the addition of a cool flyover mode and GPS-style turn-by-turn navigation, the app's many and mounting hiccups are inspiring users to express outrage' in the way we Americans know best — by creating a snarky internet meme!

It wasn't a hot minute after the app was released before the #mapgate hashtag was all over Twitter, along with meme staple #Applefail (though we're loving this notice on an official message board for London's Tube, offering printed maps for iOS users). And then there are Tumblrs like this and' kudos to CNN tech' this deft Lord of the Rings callback. Our personal fave is this Imgur homage to the McKayla Maroney meme of weeks ago. Apple hasn't stepped up to comment (other than to note that iOS6 is the fastest spreading OS update to date). For now, we're standing by for word from the lolcatz crowd (dibs on "Im in yer iphonez, messin up yer yoozer exspeeryants.")

To what will be universal relief, Google has confirmed it is working on an iOS Maps app, but no release has been announced. Until then you know where to find us (we hope, as apparently you'll never find us.)


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