By Tara Fowler
Updated September 21, 2012 at 03:47 PM EDT

Hear me out, PopWatchers. Leibovitz is a wonderful photographer, but when you see her name, what do you think of? Nudity. After the Miley Cyrus debacle, I’ve come to expect lots of skin in any and all Leibovitz photographs. And not just nakedness, but shocking nakedness. With Tebow — the Christian crusader and potentially Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend — and Leibovitz, Vogue had the perfect chance to stage the most epic controversial nude pictures ever (well, aside from these and these) and they wasted it.

Still, Leibovitz brings out what we love best about Tebow in this shoot — that is, those enormous biceps. You can’t see them in the picture featured in this article, but click through to Vogue‘s site and check out the photo of him pushing that tire. (Cyrus couldn’t do that!)

And the accompanying profile’s pretty interesting too. For example, Tebow apparently used the word “fun” 29 times in the hour-long interview. It’s “his favorite word,” according to writer Taylor Antrim. You know what would be fun? If we could get Leibovitz to photograph Tebow and Tebowie side by side.

The new issue of Vogue will be on newsstands Sept. 25.

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