Up All Night
Credit: Colleen Hayes

Up All Night has returned, and things have changed: Ava, the talk show hosted by Ava (Maya Rudolph) and produced by Reagan (Christina Applegate) has been canceled. After returning to his old job as a lawyer proved too soul-sucking, Chris has decided to go into business with Reagan’s contractor brother Scott (Luka Jones) while Reagan spends time raising their daughter, Amy, and helping Ava figure out her next move. The introduction of Scott was awkward — even if you hadn’t read spoilers, you knew Chris would end up being his businessman long before Chris did. But by episode’s end, I found Scott’s presence less distracting than Will Arnett’s new tan and muscles.

Even though Arnett and Applegate are two of the most likable actors on TV, Rudolph is still the best part of this show. Ava’s supposed to be the most ridiculous and Rudolph’s delivery is always fun to watch (even if a line isn’t funny) — which is why I’ve always wanted to see more of her. Maybe it’ll be 50/50 now as Ava, who tanked a Today show audition, struggles some. Will & Grace‘s Sean Hayes makes his first appearance next week as Ava’s former accompanist, Walter, whose life she may have ruined on her rise to success. If it’s Jack and Karen 2.0, that could keep me tuning in. You?

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Up All Night
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