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September 20, 2012 at 10:09 PM EDT

Even diehard fans can admit that season 8 wasn’t The Office at its finest. Regardless, the show still knows how to sling a punchline — especially if it’s delivered during the pre-credits cold open or by Ellie Kemper’s Erin Hannon. Those who stopped watching after Michael Scott made his exit missed out on a lot of great gags — which is a shame, especially if they plan to tune in again for the show’s last season.

So, before watching the sitcom’s final premiere tonight, catch up by reading this list of season 8’s funniest moments. Sure, none of them are quite up there with Threat Level Midnight‘s first appearance, but chances are they’ll still leave you satisfied and smiling. (That’s what she… well, you know.)

10. Dwight Schrute, Master Tactician

His list of things in the conference room that could be used as weapons, from episode 23: “Chair. Lamp. Plant. Table leg. Jim’s leg.”

9. Josh Groban as Walter Bernard Jr.

The singer played Andy’s perfect younger brother with aplomb. (Fun fact: Andy was originally named Walter Jr. But when the younger Bernard was born, their parents decided Number Two would be a better Walter Jr. and renamed their first son Andrew. Ouch.) He’s got the voice of an angel, plus crack comic timing. Can someone give Groban his own show already?

8. Murder at the Alcohol Club

Episode 15 began with an energetic Jim convincing Dwight that he’s been framed for murder. Maybe the funniest thing here was that this was far from Jim’s most elaborate prank.

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