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Is Kate Middleton really pregnant (“It’s Twins!”) or did Star magazine use Photoshop to make the Duchess of Cambridge look like she’s sporting a baby bump? [HuffingtonPost]

Amanda Bynes says she has retired from acting and is planning to make a fresh start in New York City, where she’ll design her own fashion line. [People]

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Cate Blanchett will wear an iconic Chanel tweet suit in Woody Allen’s latest film. [WWD]

James Franco, Diane Keaton and Ellen DeGeneres will help host the opening night party for year’s Los Angeles Antiques Art + Design Show. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Derek Lam-designed Audi Green Room at the Primetime Emmy Awards is a combination of swanky, single guy apartment and sleek, space-age living room. Or a “bachelor pod,” if you will. [Refinery29]