By Ken Tucker
Updated September 20, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

On Thursday night’s Daily Show, Bill Clinton, the Dr. Funkenstein of the Presidency, shone his flash light on the Mitt Romney campaign, hitting some of the same notes he pitched so impeccably at the Democratic convention. Still basking in the success of his stirring speech, Clinton allowed Stewart to heap the sort of praise many citizens felt — couched, of course, in the host’s comic terms: “What was so stunning was… that you would get the facts straight… I thought it was a bold choice.”

Clinton boiled it down: “We’ve got to stop all this mindless and fact-free fighting” between Democrats and Republicans.

Stewart, as is the case with so many who attempt to interview the former President, was at a disadvantage, since once he gets started, Clinton can talk his way to a commercial break brooking no interruption with the ease of Hank Williams sauntering into a honky-tonk.

Then, too, Stewart may have been, deservedly, a tad tired, since he was coming off his own triumph:

Wednesday’s epic rant about Fox News, whom he depicts as both Mitt Romney’s “house organ” and a place in rhetorical disarray in its attempts to justify, modify, support, and mildly chastise Romney for his recent remarks in the so-called “47%” leaked tape, a situation Stewart and his writers have dubbed “Chaos on Bull$%#t Mountain”:

If Stewart can bring this ammo to his upcoming debate with Bill O’Reilly, that jaw-bone session will be worth its $5 stream.

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