By Lanford Beard
Updated September 20, 2012 at 03:35 PM EDT

Beautiful Creatures

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The atmosphere of the new trailer for the highly anticipated adaptation of supernatural teen novel Beautiful Creatures is… well, moody. Over the ghastly, thumping ecstasy of Florence + The Machine’s “Seven Devils,” it tells the story of teenage outcast Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert), who is feared, distrusted, and deemed evil by her Southern townsfolk. Except Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich), who wants to get to know Lena for himself. But judging from the deaths and shattered glass the mysterious beauty leaves in her wake, will it be at his own peril? Judge for yourself below.

Beautiful Creatures hits theaters Feb. 13, 2013.

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Beautiful Creatures

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  • 86 minutes