By Mary Murphy
Updated September 19, 2012 at 09:07 PM EDT

In the first time in SYTYCD history, two ballet dancers take top honors!

In the closest race ever to be America’s favorite dancers, we were in such suspense to find out the answer. I had no idea how America was going to vote, especially since Tiffany and Cyrus were never in danger the entire season. So it took me by surprise who came out on top.

I stayed in my dressing room the night before. That’s right – I whipped out my blow-up bed and reflected on the whole season and which dances were highlights for me! I tried to keep it to two dances per show. We started this season with eight contemporary, three ballroom, three ballet, two jazz, one stepper, one belly dancer, one popper, and one martial arts fusion dancer.

My standout dances for the shows this season included:

Show one: Travis Wall’s contemporary starring Audrey and Matthew and Jason Gilkison’s paso doble starring Lindsay and Cole.

Show two: Nukule’s Bollywood starring Chehon and Whitney and Christopher Scott’s hip hop starring Lindsay and Cole.

Show three: Mia Michael’s contemporary starring Whitney and Chehon and then Lindsay and Cole’s.

Show four: Nukule’s Bollywood starring Will and Katherine and Stacey Tookey’s contemporary starring Eliana and Alex.

Show five: Luther Brown’s hip hop starring Whitney and Twitch and Sonya’s contemporary starring Cole and Allison; also Leonardo and Miriam’s Argentine tango starring Anya and Chehon and Mandy Moore’s contemporary starring Tiffany and Ade.

Show six: Tyce Diorio’s contemporary starring Chehon and Katherine and Mia Michael’s contemporary starring Eliana and Cole

Show seven: Stacey Tookey’s contemporary starring Chehon and Allison and Marat’s classical ballet starring Chehon and Eliana; also Travis Wall’s contemporary starring Eliana and Alex, and Christopher Scott’s animation starring Cyrus and Twitch.

Ok so some weeks I couldn’t limit it to just two fabulous dances!!!

When I laid it out like that, Chehon had seven mentions, Eliana four, Tiffany and Cyrus both one – so it looks like I agreed with America. Had there only been one winner, Chehon dominated my vote of special moments along the way. I certainly enjoyed this top 20 and the perseverance it took to stay in the game. The season seems to go by way too fast and the finale show was the best one ever. I feel I have to mention the extraordinary dances that were designed just for the finale. Sonya and Christopher’s piece brought me to tears. Tabitha and Napoleon brought a new look to The Lion King, and the hip hop number starring Christopher Scott along with Cyrus, Twitch and Comfort was especially fun. Watching dance makes me happy, with all the emotion it can bring to you in seconds.

Congrats again to Eliana and Chehon! Until next season!

Stepping off for now…


PS – Jewelry again by Zorab and the dress designer to be revealed on Twitter!


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