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Updated September 19, 2012 at 08:04 PM EDT
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The Auggie/Annie will-they-or-won’t-they continues to be smartly played by Covert Affairs. In the past, he’s the one who’s missed moments when the look on her face revealed the depth of her feelings for him because he’s blind. In last night’s episode, it was her tunnel vision when it came to bringing Lena to justice that made her incapable of seeing that Auggie’s realized he has feelings for her, too. Actually, strike that. Annie is a smart woman. I think she did understood what Auggie meant when he phoned her and begged her to leave Russia. Watch the clip below.

“Now I need you to come home. And this isn’t the agency calling, and I’m not Joan. There are things that I need to say to you, face-to-face. Important things. Please,” Auggie said. I’m incapable of watching that, or the car conversation they had before Annie left (which starts at 3:10 in the video here), without making a high-pitched noise. The car chat, to refresh your memory:

Auggie: Even though I disagree with all of this, I want you to know I am here for you no matter what.

Annie: That means so much to me. (Voice softens) I hope you know that.

Auggie: Glad we got that out there. Have a nice trip.

Annie: Auggie, could you just ride out to the airport with me?

Annie has to know, right? Yes, she’s slightly preoccupied and fearing for her life, but this is a woman who reads people. In my mind, Annie just couldn’t begin to think about a future with Auggie until she settled her past with Lena* (and Simon, who she’d loved).

Now that Annie’s taken out Lena (in self-defense, not malice, no she should be able to live with herself, right?), she just has to get home. Judging from the promo for the next episode, which will air Oct. 16, that’s not gonna be easy — and it will involve Eyal, who we know has his own feelings for Annie. In this week’s Spoiler Room video edition, Christopher Gorham teased that Auggie would get a “surprise visit” in the third episode back, the one he’s directing. “I don’t want to spoil what happens other than to tell you that I think some of the audience might be a little upset by the appearance of this particular character at Auggie’s apartment,” he said. Will it be Parker, Auggie’s ex-fiancée, wanting him back now that she’s had to time to adjust to the idea of him being CIA? That would complicate things and fans wouldn’t be happy to see her return after the way she left Auggie. Or, could it be Eyal? (Why would he show up there? No idea. But it’d be fun to see them together.)

What’s your prediction for how the show will try to keep Auggie and Annie apart?

* I wish Annie had, during her long conversation with Lena, mentioned that Lena’s now-straight hair looked better when she shot her. We were all thinking it. No? Just me?

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