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Parting is such sweet sorrow, Chenbot! Fortunately we snagged host Julie Chen for one more chat before tonight’s 90-minute finale of Big Brother. Will the jury members vote with their hearts or their heads? Will the student triumph over her teacher, or visa versa? Has Dan unseated Dr. Will as BB’s best player ever?

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Alright sister, let’s play out scenarios. If it were Danielle versus Dan in the final two, how do you think the jury will vote?

JULIE CHEN I think it’s all up to Ian. He would be the deciding vote. I think Frank has the deep hate on for Dan and will not give him his vote. I think Ashley will follow his lead — they have been getting very close in the jury house. Shane will vote for Danielle to win because I think he is feeling duped by Dan and he may still have romantic feelings toward Danielle. Meanwhile, I think Dan would get votes from Britney, Joe and Jenn because I think they are all mature enough to know don’t hate the player, hate the game! So it all boils down to how Ian feels. If Dan is the one who wins the final HOH and evicts Ian, it depends on how raw, angry and humiliated Ian is feeling. But if Danielle wins the final HOH and evicts Ian, then Dan wins it over Danielle.

What if it were Dan versus Ian?

Probably Ian by a vote of 6 to 1. I only see Dan getting Danielle’s vote. It will make it easy on disgruntled jury members to vote for Ian while it’s just as much a vote against Dan.

Danielle versus Ian?

My guess is Ian wins. Danielle would probably only get Dan and Shane’s vote. The others don’t have close enough ties to her to vote emotionally for her.

Dalton Ross reminded me of Survivor: Samoa when Russell Hantz was in the final two against the very unremarkable player, Natalie White. Russell should have won because he was such an incredible strategist — not to mention such a fantastic liar — but the jury voted for Natalie to win because they hated Russell. What if the same happens to Dan if he is in the final two? The jury will hate him because he played them so he won’t win?

It’s always a possibility. That’s what makes it impossible to have a set strategy on paper to win this game. If you’re going to deceive and betray, you better make sure you are damn charming about it.

If he does win, will you consider him the best player in BB history? Will he strip Dr. Will of the title?

In my opinion no, because Will never had to pull the Bible into game play or a personal loved one. In my book, that’s pretty low. Will didn’t have to stoop to that level because he was just that good.

Looking back, when the producers decided to bring back old players to serve as coaches, did you have any reservations? Did you worry it wouldn’t make for good TV?

No, I loved the idea. I always love seeing past players who are proven gamers enter the house, for any reason. You know it’s going to be good TV. That being said, it did worry me when I started to see certain players hide behind it and not play the game with their own head!

Were you relieved when they entered the game?

Yes! I wanted to see the dynamic of what happens when the teacher becomes the new competition. For some it broke already weakening bonds. For others, it showed who can still be loyal and stick together despite the new rules. It was a good test of character and human nature at the same time.

Just a few finale questions. Will you make fun of Boogie for not being as great as he thinks he is?

Maybe, depends on how cocky he behaves. Good thing is, it seems like he has matured and is a good sport.

Will you make fun of Frank for sucking up to Boogie so much?

Probably not. He sucks up to me too with the Julie Chen is my Homegirl T-shirt, so he’s okay in my book!

Do you, like us, go through major Big Brother withdrawals the minute the show is over?

Yes! Especially at night when I am washing up to go to sleep and I don’t have them to watch. They are part of my nightly ritual. As I am brushing my teeth, I like to watch them cook, eat, hang out in the backyard, strategize and bond! I will be lonely without them. Boo.

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