By Tara Fowler
September 18, 2012 at 02:00 PM EDT

No, we don’t mean the 1990 movie. Or the 2012 remake. This Total Recall is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming memoir — chronicling his rise from Austrian bodybuilder to action hero to governor of California — and we have an exclusive look!

After leaving the governor’s mansion in January 2011, Schwarzenegger announced his plans to return to movie-making. (He did always say he’d be back.) He kicked things off nice and slow with a cameo in last month’s The Expendables 2, but his real big-screen comeback starts with The Last Stand, out this January. Until then, however, Arnold fans have his new autobiography to tide them over. Check out the trailer, which is epic in the way only an Arnold Schwarzenegger book trailer could be:

“But this story you know. So are you ready for the story you don’t?” Hmm, what is the story we don’t know? The black backdrop, the blinding lights, the suggestive eyebrow raise — it promises so much. We hope you’re ready to deliver, Arnie, and not in the Junior sense.

Total Recall will be released on Oct. 1.

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