By Darren Franich
Updated September 17, 2012 at 04:35 PM EDT
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Monozygotic entrepreneur wonder twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss finally settled their long-running legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg last year. But the Winklevosses — made famous by The Social Network, where they were played by fellow perfect human specimen Armie Hammer — aren’t just resting on their laurels. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the twins are investing in SumZero, a social network founded by Divya Narendra (played by Max Minghella in Social Network.) Before you start thinking that this is an attempt to challenge their archnemesis Mark Zuckerberg’s dominion in the social networking realm, keep in mind that SumZero is targeted specifically at investors — call it Facebook for Hedge Funders, or LinkedIn for People Who Are Too Rich To Know What LinkedIn is.

It’s not a bad idea, although one wonders if Zuckerberg is even now greenlighting a special Facebook app called “Facebook Investments,” whose creation will inevitably lead to a new lawsuit and a really cathartic moment when the Winklevoss twins stand up and say, in unision: “If you were the inventor of SumZero, you’d have invented SumZero.”

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