By Dalton Ross
Updated September 17, 2012 at 05:01 PM EDT

Image Credit: Matthew Welch/AMC[/caption]

Oh, T-Dog. You looked like a goner when your arm got infected at the start of The Walking Dead‘s second season. But then it healed and we kind of forgot about you all over again. But there will be no forgetting T-Dog in season 3! At least that is according to the man who plays him, IronE Singleton. “This season you will get more T-Dog,” he promises in a new video featuring interviews with the entire cast. “Trust me on that!” We trust you, Dog! We trust you! What else can we expect in season 3? “Lots of laughs, plenty of jokes,” says Andrew Lincoln. (Pretty sure he’s kidding.) “We basically have plunged into more madness, more chaos, more grief,” says Laurie Holden. (That sounds more like it!) To see the entire cast — minus poor Chandler Riggs, who must have had homework or something — as well as plenty of juicy season 3 footage, click on the video below. And for more Walking Dead news, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.