FINDING NEMO Marlin (voice by Albert Brooks) and Dory (voice by Ellen DeGeneres)
Credit: © Pixar/Disney

Finding Nemo 3D

An anxiety-prone clown fish still searches for his lost son in the exemplary, beautifully crafted new 3-D rerelease of Pixar’s 2003 hit, Finding Nemo. A forgetful blue tang named Dory still provides assistance, in her own fashion. (Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres still earn their voice-over laurels.) The Aussie sharks that have reformed their fish-eating ways and the surfer-dude turtles still feel like old friends. What’s new — and cause for optimism in the whole hustle to 3-D-ify movies that previously worked perfectly well in old-fogy 2-D — is the deepening of emotional power that results from the sutble way the Disney-Pixar brigade has approached the dimensionality of the oceanic deep. As Avatar proved, the spatial mysteries of watery currents and floating worlds are exactly where 3-D explorers were born to boldly go. A

Finding Nemo 3D
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