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We’re only one week into season/series premieres and I want to share some embarrassing figures:

4: Number of times I cried during Parenthood‘s premiere.

3: Number of dinners eaten straight out of a container/box because I was too lazy/tired to cook.

1: Times I teared up during Glee (Lea Michele’s phone call KILLED me.)

4: Times I shouted at the TV during Sons of Anarchy‘s premiere.

~22: Number of times I laughed out loud during the New Normal. (I’m guessing it was once per minute)

My point? The fall TV season is already starting off AMAZING, and it’s only going to go up from here. Can’t wait? Not to worry; I have some nice scoop to hold you over until then. Enjoy!

(And don’t forget to keep in touch! E -mail questions to or on Twitter @EWSandraG. Also, if you’re so inclined, share some numbers of your own below. Purely for my entertainment, of course.)


From what I can tell, Glee fans seem a little split on the new season. (Also, the Grand Canyon is a kinda big and cookies are sorta delicious.) So, in an effort to please as many people as possible, I’ve included a little scoop for everyone below. For more, check out this Glee post from earlier this week. Enjoy (and play nice, please)!

‘90210’: 100th EPISODE SCOOP!

90210 will hit a big milestone this year — 100 episodes! That’s no small feat in TV land, and what better way to mark the occasion than with Homecoming Weekend! Showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen recently gushed to me about this super-packed episode when we hopped on the phone ahead of the show’s upcoming premiere on Oct. 8.

“We get to go back and re-live a few memories.” Carr said. “And we also have things getting bigger and more out of hand. We got to the Playboy mansion, we have musical performers, and some very revealing moments for our cast.” Also expect some “fan favorites” to pop up.

But, adds Carr: “It’s not just the clip show where they all remember and come out of it unaffected. They’re all profoundly affected by what happens.”

Another treat? Denise Richards, who, as EW previously reported, will appear as an alum-turned-socialite. “There’s so much happening in the 100th episode, I don’t know how we’re going to fit it all in one episode,” says Olsen. Carr jokes: “Maybe it will be a two-part 100th episode — 99.5/100.”


True story: I adore Kevin McKidd. Not only is he a hard-working guy — currently, he’s editing the fourth episode of the season, which he directed — but he’s a massively good teaser. And while I’m going to wait to share our full convo with you, here are some really tasty bits from our chat. (And, yes, this is a totally mean way for me to do this. But, you have to admit, it’s also a little fun — for me):

Look for my full chat with McKidd, where he talks about directing and the new season, on Sept. 27, the day of the big season premiere!


Your scoop on Bones last week was SO good it has me wishing Monday already. Anything else you can share? It’s fine if it is about an upcoming episode! — Amelia

The lovely Tamara Taylor gave us a nice little scooplet at the Fox Fall Eco-Casino Party this week – and it has an out-of-this-world twist! “In episode 5, a body washes up on shore in what appears to be a spacepod,” she teases. “We don’t know why or how.”

I can’t wait to see Booth and Brennan dancing on Bones. What can you tell me about that undercover episode? — Mary

Straight from executive producer Steven Nathan: When a dancing competition stops in town for a few days, the only way for the gang to figure out a murder is to get some people on the inside. “It allows us a lot of fun with them dancing – or trying to dance. One is a better dancer than the other. We won’t say which one,” he says.

NCIS is my favorite TV show.[Here are some] season 10 questions: 1) Any chance we’ll ever get to meet McGee’s dad, as we’ve met the dads for Gibbs, Tony and Ziva? 2) Is there a chance we’ll get to see Tony/McGee do an undercover episode? Would love to see how they would get along. 3) Cote and Pauley have mentioned that they would love to do an episode with Ziva and Abby working together, undercover or not. Any chance we’ll get to see that happen this season? 4) So is there a chance that when DiNozzo Sr. visits, this will push Tony and Ziva even closer together? — Marla

The answer is yes to at least two of these four questions.

Hi Sandra! I really need a scoop on McGee from NCIS! He had way less screen time last season! Thank you in advance! — Daniël

There’s a lot going on in the premiere, but everyone has pretty good screen time considering. In regards to McGee specifically, there’s an unexpected twist in his post-blast outcome. A scary twist.

Hey Sandra. Can you give me any scoop about Caroline Forbes that isn’t “love triangle” related? Thanks! – Amy

Not today. BUT I hear from a little birdy that my colleague Nuzhat Naoreen is headed to The Vampire Diaries set NEXT WEEK. So send your questions to or directly to her @NuzhatNaoreen.

Any news on a Leverage renewal? — @allisonyoung

No. But how about we bug Aldis Hodge about it again? Join him (and posssssssibly another guest!) for a summer finale live-chat on Sunday night! The live-blog kicks off right here (on EW’s ViEWer) at 9 p.m. ET. I’ll be on-hand for the first hour of the finale. Then, at 10p.m. ET, Hodge — and maybe a mystery guest! — will take over during the second hour. No need to RSVP. Just come ready to party.

LOVED the scoops on Person Of Interest, White Collar and Castle. Thanks! What about some spoilers about Homeland next week? ;) — ‏@Mus1c_

The second episode ends with the word “truth,” and you’ll never guess who says it — and who hears it.

This week’s Covert Affairs was AWESOME. I can’t take it. PLEASE tell me about next week’s finale! PLEASE PLEASE! – Shanna

Well, first, it’s not a finale, per say. We’re calling it a BIG episode because the show is back in three weeks. But, I assure you, it’s a good one. There’s some good Annie/Auggie moments (including some sparring!), a r——t–n, and a showdown!

Sandra, you’ve been great recapping Doctor Who! Now how about some scoop, my friend? – Amanda

The Doctor wields a gun — and you’ll never guess who he ends up pointing it at in Saturday’s episode.

Hi Sandra! I’m so excited for fall TV! I know, I know, Nerd Alert. Ok, so Cougar Town doesn’t technically come back until winter, but I’ve been rewatching the DVDs and I just can’t wait. Any scoop on my favorite show? I hope TBS treats the cul-de-sac crew well. Thanks! — Jen

Based on the promo they released this week, it looks like it’s business as usual over there. And I couldn’t be happier. You should be happy, too, because here’s some scoop: Someone’s getting a new name! Sorta. In an early episode, Jules and Grayson are going to disagree on whether or not Jules has to change her last name now that they are married. (She’s resistant.) As a compromise, they end up trying some…interesting combinations. And while I’m on the subject of Courteney Cox: Everyone owes her a big congratulations! Yesterday, the lovely lady became a three-time EWwy Award winner! (Also, congratulate yourselves because you all voted to make it happen!)

Hiya Sandra! Quick Parenthood question for you. Will Sarah Ramos be back this season? Thanks! – Ann

Ann, keep up! I posted about this earlier this week!! (The answer is yes.) But, if you all have any other questions about the rest of the season, send em my way. I’m chatting with boss Jason Katims on Monday. (That’s almost two full days to ponder.)

New Girl scoop would be much appreciated! – Martha

I can’t put it any better than the brilliant Lamorne Morris: “There is a little ho’in,” he says. “[Jess] has got multiple dudes. Schmidt’s penis is working now, so he is going to be running around, doing crazy stuff. And I may be around doing some crazy things. I’m having a different kind of sex that you will see – it’s a different kind of love that I’m giving out.” I’m a little disturbed. Any one else disturbed? Yes, definitely disturbed. And excited.

Hey Sandra! Any New Girl scoopage? – Julia

Schmidt is becoming a Romney! In one episode, he pretends to be Mitt Romney’s son to pick up a girl, and Morris teases, “there’s a really cool fashion statement he ties to make” in the episode. “It’s really funny, so you have to pay attention to it. It’s really fun, but stupid.” THAT’S MY FAVORITE KIND OF FUNNY! Also, have you seen these two casting scoops? One and Two.

Hey Sandra. What’s up? Looking for some Shameless scoop. Can you help out? — Tori

At least two Gallaghers will be on the brink of a bright future in the next season: Fiona will excel in her new job as a telemarketer (despite her foul mouth) and Lip will find himself being courted by MIT.

(Nicholas White and Tara Fowler contributed to this column.)

How I Met Your Mother Awesome Alert! Make sure you’ve watched this:

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