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Norman Reedus’ Walking Dead character of Daryl Dixon is a bit different from the rest, and not just because he wields a kick-ass crossbow and can empty the remains of a zombie’s stomach. Unlike Rick, Lori, Andrea, Glenn and the others, the character of Daryl was not imported from the comic book on which the TV show is based. And the man who plays Daryl, Norman Reedus, says he likes the fact that his character is completely unique to the television version. “Not being a character from the comic book is kind of cool for me because I can do what I want to a certain extent, “ says Reedus. “I can sleep with everyone. I can kill everyone. I don’t know when I’ll die.”

Check out the video below to see why Reedus enjoys the freedom that comes with no limitations for his character, and hear what he has to say about the seemingly inevitable on-screen reunion with Daryl’s brother Merle in season 3 (which premieres Oct. 14 on AMC). And for more Walking Dead goodies, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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