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Updated September 14, 2012 at 11:01 PM EDT
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No celebrity was safe when Fashion Police hosts Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulosrolled into town for New York Fashion Week. Joined by guest host Kimora Lee Simmons — filling in for new mom Giuliana Rancic — the panel welcomed guests like Naomi Campbell and Adam Lambert, and made the most of the opportunity to roast Heidi Klum, Allison Williams and Victoria Beckham for their sartorial missteps.

EW sat down with the foursome to discuss trends, style advice and pop culture obsessions, and we were actually a little surprised to find out just how seriously they take fashion.

EW: Based on what you’ve seen on the runways here, what are the biggest trends for spring 2013?

Joan: I love the larger prints that are going to continue right through until next spring, that’s beautiful. I love the casual, fresh look, I see a lot of that going on. And color, color, color! I haven’t actually seen a lot of black.

Kelly: Chris Benz was just amazing. His colors and his patterns were just incredible. I have to say the Marc Jacobs show, I loved it. I loved the monochromatic look and the throwback to Edie Sedgewick and the houndstooth. It was an amazing show.

EW: Coco Chanel was known for saying a woman should remove one accessory before she walks out the door, what’s your best fashion advice?

Kelly: Don’t take it too seriously and have fun. If you don’t like wearing it, don’t wear it.

Kimora: I’d probably say, always be comfortable in your own skin. Having said that, I will also say fashion is pain. [It’s] a contradiction, but hey!

Joan: Yves Saint Laurent said that fashion knows no pain and glamour has no alarm clock, but my one rule is just have fun with it! What’s the worst that going to happen? You’re going to look like an idiot and then you go home and the next day you won’t. Don’t take it so seriously! What’s so terrible if something doesn’t work? Laugh about it!

George: Mine would be don’t be a slave to trends, kind of feel out what’s right for your body. And definitely don’t wear all these trends at the same time.

EW: What are your pop culture influences?

Joan: I mean Sex and the City changed everything for young women. It gave them the permission to try all kinds of things.

George: For my personal style it’s James Dean, Steve McQueen, those kinds of people who are always classic. But as a stylist, I need to be aware of the history of fashion and iconic women like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, because I dress so many different body types.

Kelly: I got my influences from watching old movies and my mom’s old books from when she was a kid. My mom [Sharon Osbourne] has all of these old books from when she was younger and I found a Vadal Sasson book from the ’60s that has every hair style he invented. I went through it and tried every one from the age of like 16.

EW: How does fashion influence pop culture and how does pop culture influence fashion?

Kimora: These days it all goes hand in hand. When you’re a designer creating clothes for the runway you rely on music, you rely on the celebrities, most of whom are music stars or movie stars. Likewise they bring what they do to a higher level by relying on fashion. It’s all connected.

Joan: The ones we look at on this show that we go, ‘Wow, wow, wow!’ Rihanna, Nicki Minaj is just amazing — well she can go too far but, musicians influence fashion much more than actresses do.

George: Fashion is just a reflection of what’s going on in society. That old adage goes, when the stock markets fall, the hemlines drop, and that’s true even with the current zeitgeist. We’ve got retro, Mad Men inspired fashion, or influence from that HBO show Boardwalk Empire. The Great Gatsby iscoming up and I’m sure that’s going to influence things too.

EW: How has fashion changed since you began your career?

Joan: Oh it’s changed radically! Women have lost the opportunity to dress up. In my day — and here I go again — we dressed to go to the theater, to go out to dinner. When you dressed up, you knew it was going to be big. I don’t want to see flip-flops and jeans and a T-shirt on a Saturday night at the Metropolitan Opera. I’m sorry, that’s something you get dressed up for.

Kimora: I’ve been on a runway since I was 12 years old and I feel like everything in fashion that happens, and that has happened, repeats itself, only in a different way. There might be things you say ‘that’s a don’t,’ or ‘I wish I hadn’t done that,’ but it’s all cyclical and that’s what I love about it.

George: For me some major things have happened. First of all, when I said I was a stylist 15 years ago, people would be like, ‘Oh, you do hair?’ Now you say you’re a stylist and everyone knows what you are. Also, fashion is accessible at every single price point now. That was not true 15 years ago. You can get a fabulous belt for $29 from Zara.

Kelly: This belt is a Lanvin-inspired piece from there!

George: In the past 20 years, fashion has just been a rehash of the last 90 years. There’s nothing new.

Joan: Fashion is a rehash! Just look, the bustle’s back with the Kardashians.

Watch Joan, George, Kelly and Kimora give their take on New York Fashion Week tonight at 10pm EST on E.

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