By Lindzi Scharf
Updated September 14, 2012 at 09:26 PM EDT
Ricky Middlesworth/Pottle Productions Inc

On this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the contestants breathe new life into the undead, a frontrunner falls short and Tyler Perry calls the shots.

EW caught up with ANTM photo shoot creative consultant Johnny Wujek to get the details.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This week’s episode is called “The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says.” What exactly does Tyler Perry say?

JOHNNY WUJEK: This week’s challenge is an acting challenge, and the winner gets a role in a Tyler Perry project. The girls play different characters but each one wears an earpiece so that Tyler can feed her directions. He’s a character!

What can we expect from this week’s shoot?

This week we are doing zombies. Showing the beautiful side of gore, or, as I just tweeted, “We put the gore in gorgeous.” They were flying to a glamorous fashion show and the plane crashed. But it’s still couture — they’re zombie queens on a rampage.

How did the girls do?

This was a good one because they either got it or they didn’t. Yvonne had trouble finding her shot, but Leila and Laura were right on the money. Victoria is usually really good, but even she fell short. You’re on this cool set, you’re in the makeup and hair. How could you not get into character?

My favorite ANTM line is, “This competition is starting to get to her.” Is the competition starting to get to these girls yet?

Yeah. They’re in their heads because they see girls being eliminated. The more and more negative feedback they get, they more they trip out. They start thinking, ‘What’s wrong with me? How can I do better? I could get sent home next!’ You have to stay confident and in a good mind frame to not screw up your shoot.

Every week you wear a different hat with a new catch phrase, where do you get them?

I usually wear a Detroit [Tiger’s] hat but we couldn’t get it cleared, so I went to LIDS and made one for each shoot. Each one has a different fashion word, like ‘Chic,’ ‘Vogue,’ I even did ‘Smize.’ On the back they all say ‘Wannabe?’ That’s the tag. Now it’s turned into a thing and people are hitting me for them.