Scott Stabile, the writer of The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, the preschool-targeted film that last month had the worst opening weekend in box office history, has written a lengthy post on the film’s official Facebook page to address the kid flick’s very vocal detractors.

“Even for a part-time Pollyanna like myself, an avalanche of negativity can take its toll,” says Stabile, who wishes that critics could have viewed the film “in the company of little kids, for whom the film was created.” Stabile expresses frustration with the decisive schadenfreude with which writers (including this one) approached The Oogieloves and its financial failure. “From some of the backlash our movie has provoked, you’d think we were trying to turn three-year-olds onto the crack pipe,” he writes. “I honestly don’t see how we help anyone, and definitely not artists, by being hurtful and snide in the way we discuss their work.”

While Stabile argues passionately that The Oogieloves‘ is appropriate viewing for young children (“Why do we have to expose preschoolers to anything but innocence and love in a 90-minute movie?”), he does have a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. “If more people had seen it, I would not currently be a reigning box office record-holder,” he jokes.

Check out his full statement below:

Admittedly, as someone who has written snarkily about the flop, hearing Stabile express genuine pride in The Oogieloves is rather convincing, but at the same time, I did actually go see the film, and I am still befuddled. Granted, I’m not a parent, but there were a few (nine, to be exact) children in my theater, and I don’t know that they were having a particularly great time either. “It was okay,” said one small girl as she shuffled out of the screening. About three of the children danced along for the first half of the movie, but no one was getting out of their seat by the film’s end.

What do you think of the Stabile’s response?

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