Nintendo announced the official release date for its new console, the Wii U, which made a big splash when it was announced at E3 and made a smaller splash at E3 2012 — meaning that the device will either be an underdog success story or a hubris-soaked fall from grace. The Wii U will officially begin the eighth generation of console gaming on Sunday, Nov. 18, assuring that your Thanksgiving family reunion will be dominated by your mouthy nephew explaining how to use the touchscreen and then laughing when you talk about the good old days of controllers that only had two buttons, dagnabbit.

There will be two different Wii U packages available. The Basic costs $299 and comes with a GamePad, a console, and a crushing sense of inadequacy. The Deluxe, meanwhile, runs to $349 and comes with more memory, a charging cradle, a copy of Nintendo Land, and the need to assure yourself that Nintendo Land was totally worth the extra cost. Nintendo’s press conference also featured an in-depth look at launch titles like Super Mario Bros. U and LEGO City Undercover, along with official announcements about the release of Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101, which stole our hearts when it was still called Project P-100 at E3. Nintendo also introduced “Nintendo TVii,” an entertainment service which will allow you to watch all your favorite TV shows on your console — certainly the most exciting announcement of 2005.

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