By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated September 13, 2012 at 03:56 PM EDT
Credit: Ron Tom/ABC

Apparently, at some point, my friends stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy and failed to inform me.

I discovered this last week when I was gushing to my friend Amy* about how excited I was for the show to return. Her response? “Oh, I stopped watching that a long time ago.” To be clear: I am NOT okay with this.

I sort of blame myself, actually. We used to bond over Grey’s Anatomy, and when I moved away, it became harder for us to have our weekly post-episode chat session. But I’m now on a personal mission to get her — and my other friends who have fallen off the McSexy wagon — to start watching again. Because I think it’s too good for Grey’s fans (past and present!) to be missing.

When I tried to convince Amy to join me in this season, naturally, she whined: “I want to! But I haven’t watched in forever!” (To be specific, she estimated it was around “the time George and Izzy happened.”)

Normally, I’d tell her to man-up and catch up using Netflix — or (barf) read Wikipedia. But since we’re just about two weeks shy of the premiere, I recognize that not everyone can make it through several seasons of a TV show in that amount of time. (Some people sleep!) And, again, reading about several seasons of a show at one time is not satisfying. So, I’m trying to prep a mini-marathon for her — one that I plan on sharing with you very soon, too!

But to do so, I need to know the answer to the question below. I need a solid starting point. So, if you could, would you mind weighing in?

*Name changed to protect the innocent


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