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WARNING: If you haven’t watched the season premiere of Glee, the info below will spoil some major plot points.

Now that you’ve presumably seen the season premiere of Glee, you now know that all those warnings about big changes this year were not to be taken lightly. You also got a better idea of what co-creator Brad Falchuk meant when he said they were going to “challenge every relationship” this season.

So what comes next for everyone? Will Brody make a move on Rachel? Will Mike and Tina ever rekindle their romance? Where are some of our old faves? Read on for some answers.

Finn-Rachel-Brody: A love triangle?

Now five episodes into filming the new season, the Glee cast was understandably cagey about where the season was heading, but Dean Geyer wanted to make one thing clear: Brody’s not a bad guy! “He doesn’t have bad intentions,” the new cast member told EW at the Glee premiere party. “[He knows] that she’s got a boyfriend or fiancee — but at the same time, he likes her a lot….He will tell her how he feels. But he will keep his hands off of her, he’s not going to be a douche about it.”

The details of Finn’s return were not something we could get out of tight-lipped Lea Michele. But Geyer assures: “Finn is still in the picture. Brody puts himself out there, but at the end of the day it’s all up to Rachel. She has to choose.” Michele adds: “Let me tell you, [the Rachel-Brody storyline] goes places you never think it’s going to go; that’s all I’m going to say.”

Will Mike and Tina reunite?

What exactly went wrong with Tina and Mike? Harry Shum, who was one of the many old favorites who was not seen in the premiere, wouldn’t say for sure, but hinted that it may not have just been the physical distance that came between them. It will be a little while before we get the whole story, however. Mike doesn’t pop up until the fifth episode. “They touch on the break-up, and a little bit of what happened. But not too much,” he says. “I think they’re going to reveal it throughout the whole season, what exactly happened, and if that’s going to move on or not.”

Jenna Ushkowitz, meanwhile, agrees with Tina that change is a good thing, and already has her eye on Tina’s next new (old) relationship. “[I] want Tina to get back together with Artie to kind of mix it up a little bit, and see what that is like, again,” she says. With a disclaimer: “Tina, I’m sure, [will realize] when Mike comes back [that] she misses him.”

Kurt and Rachel: Roomies!

What are two besties to do in the city? Have fun, of course! But first thing’s first: They have to put down some roots — because it’s a safe bet that Kurt would never share a dorm with Rachel and her slutty roommate. “They’re struggling a little bit,” Chris Colfer says of the pair’s living situation. “They can’t get their Manhattan apartment, so they have to go to Bushwick, and get an apartment there because it’s cheaper. But their apartment is pretty nice, I have to say. For two broke kids, it turned out pretty nice.” Kurt won’t be too broke for long, though. He quickly scores an internship at Vogue, working under Sarah Jessica Parker’s Isabelle Wright. “She is an office mentor to him, and they end up mentoring each other. It’s a really cute relationship.”

Kurt and Blaine: Dun-zo?

For the love of Klaine…While it was incredibly touching for Blaine to encourage his man to spread his wings and head to the big city, it will certainly throw a wrench in their plans to live happily ever after. But not right away. “[They’re still together] for the first couple episodes,” Colfer says. “But, yeah, there is some development in that area.” Yes, that doesn’t sound like good news to us either. So, we had to ask, does this mean there’s a new person in someone’s life? “I don’t know about a new one,” he says, “but we’ll see what happens with them.”

Meet the new (even angrier?) Puckerman

As it turns out, the Puckermans are a pretty crabby clan. But Jacob Artist, who portrays Puck’s half-brother, assures us that there’s a reason behind it all. “He’s kind of coming into McKinley as a little bit of a lone wolf. There are going to be a lot of interesting layers the viewers will get a taste of. He has an interesting backstory with his family — and there are a lot of hidden things he does that you’ll get to see.”


As mentioned above, Shum shows up in episode 5; Finn will show up in the first batch of episodes as well. Some of the others? Well, expect them to pop up in creative ways. “There is definitely some use of Skype,” says Kevin McHale. “They have to visit home at some point.” Ushkowitz adds, “They definitely come back in the first five episodes. So they’re around. I don’t know the plan after that. But [around] Christmas and Thanksgiving, everyone goes home and reunites…Nobody is going anywhere. Everybody’s back here and there throughout the season.” And Lea Michele says she’s confident the long-term plan includes every beloved character. “They’re always going to be on the show. It’s always going to be the kids that have left and the kids that are still there,” she says.

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