By Tara Fowler
Updated September 13, 2012 at 03:53 PM EDT

Laverne and Shirley star Penny Marshall has enlisted the help of Saturday Night Live veteran Fred Armisen to promote her forthcoming memoir My Mother Was Nuts. In the video, Armisen dons a blonde wig and sits behind Marshall’s desk to shoot an ad for the book.

“It’s got some good stories in it,” he says of the memoir, then gestures at the middle of the screen. “The book’s coming out Sept. 18. Are we going to have a phone number here?”

A voice answers that a link will be provided. “A link to what?” Armisen asks. “Amazon? You got to go to the Amazon to get a book?”

Finally, Armisen gets a phone call from Marshall’s BFF Carrie Fisher.

“My best friend’s Carrie Fisher … I taught her how to wrestle, how to box, how to fight … She wants you to know she’s got a book coming out too. It’s a dictionary of some kind.”

Watch the full clip below:

Somewhere, Joy Behar‘s publishers are punching themselves.

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