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Downton Abbey may be a worldwide phenomenon, but Dan Stevens, who plays the swoon-worthy Matthew Crawley on the show, knows exactly where fans are the most obsessive: America.

“I’d traveled a long way from home,” he said with a laugh. “I thought I was going to get away from Downton Abbey mania, when actually you guys are crazier about it [in the U.S.] then they are in London!”

The actor is in New York to promote his role in the Broadway play The Heiress (Opening Nov. 1 — look for more on the show, co-starring Jessica Chastain, on soon!) and when EW caught up with Stevens this morning, we couldn’t resist asking him to tease the upcoming third season of the drama (returning in the U.K. this weekend and in the U.S. Jan. 6). Namely: What’s in store for recently-engaged lovebirds Mary and Matthew? (SPOILER ALERT!)

Stevens confirmed a few facts about the upcoming “roller-coaster” season: “There’s a wedding,” he said, and he also hinted there could be even more surprises coming. “There might be a baby,” he said with a grin. “There’s all sorts [of things] going on. I think you’re going to laugh and cry several times. Possibly simultaneously!”

That should get fans’ hearts aflutter — but before you take to your blog to let out your feelings, be aware that Stevens and his co-stars may be checking out your work. “The time people devote to these tributes, recutting movie trailers or editing movie posters or writing rap songs, it’s amazing,” he said. “As a cast, we tend to share them [amongst each other] if someone sees something.” He gave the example of the Mean Girls trailer with audio from the movie and footage from the show. “Our show doesn’t take ourselves entirely seriously all the time. I think the audience feel that they can share in that. The silliness of the mania is part of the fun.”

Get ready: Just 115 days until the next round of Downton mania continues.

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