By Darren Franich
Updated September 13, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
Big Brother Eviction
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The Big Brother House has become the Quack Pack House in the final days of this season. Out of the five original members of the worst-named alliance in BB history, four survived into the final week — not a bad record. But tonight marked the turning point: The moment when the Quack Pack would be torn asunder by necessity. Who would Danielle nominate for eviction? And, more importantly, who would win the decisive veto competition? And, most importantly of all: Who would be walking out the door? Well, in the end [SPOILERS FROM HERE] Danielle nominated Dan and Ian for eviction, but only because Dan insisted, as part of his latest evil-genius double-reverse gambit. [UPDATE: Check out my full recap of the episode here.]

Danielle won the veto and cheerfully announced that both of “her boys” (mentor Dan, sorta-boyfriend Shane) were safe. But Dan had other ideas. He told Danielle to take him off the block, all the while promising that he would keep Shane safe. Danielle took Dan off the block. And Dan betrayed Danielle — one last time — and threw Shane out of the house.

The whole house was shocked. Danielle’s mouth went to the floor. Shane ran out immediately, crying. Ian walked around the house, muttering like a shellshocked veteran. We heard Dan trying to explain his actions to Danielle, claiming he did it all for her. What a guy, eh? What a guy.

Check out the full recap of the episode here. Or hit the comments and freak out, man!

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