By Hillary Busis
August 04, 2017 at 01:23 PM EDT

Here’s what we learned from the following video, a collection of promos for Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming stint hosting SNL:

— It will never not be weird to see a grown man speak like a homicidal British baby.

— Or, for that matter, like a sophisticated dog, since MacFarlane sounds exactly like Family Guy‘s Brian in real life.

— Save your criticism about Family Guy‘s crassness and its reliance on cutaway humor; MacFarlane’s heard it all before.

— Additionally, he has not slept since 2005.

— Kenan Thompson also made a movie this summer. Probably.

It’s still unclear what kind of screen presence MacFarlane will have when he’s actually on camera, rather than in a voice recording booth — but it’ll certainly be nice to hear that smooth baritone all night. (Until he does Peter Griffin’s obnoxious laugh.) Does this video get you excited for Saturday Night Live‘s return this weekend, which also features musical guest Frank Ocean?

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