I Love the '90s

Can you imagine a Titanic in which Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t play Jack Dawson? Most likely, the answer is “no.” DiCaprio’s celebrity is completely, inextricably linked with that character — and it’s nigh on impossible to picture a different actor calling himself the “king of the world,” or teaching Rose DeWitt Bukater how to spit like a man, or slowly sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic.

Of course, there was a time when James Cameron hadn’t yet cast DiCaprio. Before the director decided on that kid from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, he also had another up-and-comer in mind: Elton from Clueless.

That’s right: Jeremy Sisto was once a contender for the role that made DiCaprio an international sensation. And after watching the clip below — which happens to be a blonde Kate Winslet’s first Titanic screen test — you’ll see why Cameron made the right choice.

Burning questions! Didn’t you keep expecting “Jack” to ask Rose to play a game of Suck and Blow? Which line is worse: “Roses are very complex, actually. Have you ever torn one apart?” or “Listen, buster, I hate caviar”? And how glad are you that Cameron eventually rewrote this scene, moving it to the ship’s deck — and replacing the Suburgatory star with DiCaprio?

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I Love the '90s
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