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Updated September 11, 2012 at 10:07 PM EDT
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Parenthood returns Tuesday after a hiatus that has proved more painful than I thought possible. But I promise you, the premiere is well worth the wait.

The return of this endearing family is, as expected, accompanied by a new batch of problems for everyone. For a look at what’s in store, read on for five teases about the new season, accompanied by clips! [Minor spoiler alert!]

1. Does Camille hate Mark?

No. But as you’ll see in this clip, she certainly has opinions about who should pop up in her family’s portrait, which the gang is planning on taking before Haddie heads off to college. Speaking of which…

2. Empty nest

Much of the episode is about Haddie’s preparations for college — not to mention Adam and Kristina’s struggle with the realization that she’s about to take a huge step. As you can guess — because Kristina is one of TV’s sweetest moms — she’s having an especially difficult time with it all. Her solution? Wine! (No, there is no drunk-mom subplot. This is just one of those moments.)

3. Meet Victor

In other “this is harder than we thought” news: Victor is the newest member of Joel and Julia’s household. We met him at the end of last season, and when we pick up in the new season just a few months later, he doesn’t seem all that settled into the family. There’s still much awkwardness as the pair try to balance a warm welcome with the not always pleasant duties of parenting.

4. Let us pray

Crosby is also having a rather delicate situation in parent-ville after Jabbar starts displaying some behavior he’s not entirely comfortable with: Praying. The first episode shows him navigating this subject with his usual Crosby-ness (i.e.: distress + slight overreaction + love).

5. Sarah’s new job

Last tease for you: Sarah will discover a new talent within herself when she takes a job working at a photo studio. (Add it to the list that already includes “playwriting,” “bartending,” and “awkward laughter”) Her boss? As previously reported, it’s Ray Romano, who might eventually see her as more than just a photo assitant.


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