By Erin Strecker
September 11, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Fall TV may just be getting started, but The New Normal has already aired its second episode, “Sofa’s Choice.” Not knowing yet if Goldie is pregnant, Bryan and David are already making her — as well as her Grey Gardens-loving daughter — feel right at home with them.

My favorite part of the episode was definitely the hilarious flashback to how Bryan and David first got together. The “How We Met” story is a sitcom mainstay that viewers don’t normally get until seasons into a show. But I’m glad we got it early. The bar scene had everything: David’s piercing blue eyes, Bryan’s quick quips, and, of course, a dance-along to “Cruel Summer.” You can never have too much Bananarama.

I was less sold on Grandma Jane. While I totally get that her offensive comments are part of the gag, some of them felt a little too extreme for my tastes. The fact that she’s representing an actual viewpoint many have just made the whole thing more real — and more uncomfortable to laugh at. Just me?

While David and Bryan were waiting to find out if Goldie was pregnant, they decided they wanted Goldie and Shania around, and offered to let them stay in their guest house. Convenient? Absolutely. But by episode’s end — after deciding that she wanted to do things on her own and telling her husband she wants a divorce — Goldie decided she would rather be an Independent Woman and live on her own. After she made that heartfelt announcement, David got a call: (least necessary spoiler alert! ever) She’s pregnant!

So far I’m pleased with the quick pacing of the show, which puts them on track for baby by season’s end. And the laughs (LOVED all the Grey Gardens references!) are coming just as quick as the plot. Some of my favorite one-liners from tonight:

“I outbid James Franco just so I could see his neck vein throb in sexy frustration” –Bryan

“Just let me know if you’re pregnant; I’d like to send a congratulations card to Satan” –Jane

“I was blinded by gay. Those fruits are like cannibals, all they eat is fruit.” –Jane

“I don’t really intend to age. It’s so…expected.” –Bryan

[sung] “First comes love, then comes the inability to marry, then comes a stranger and an invasive medical procedure, then comes the baby in a baby carriage.” –Bryan

What did you think on the second episode of The New Normal? Did anyone else tear up at Bryan’s talk with Shania?

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