There is so much we need to discuss that took place on the finale of Bachelor Pad 3 but let’s be honest the only thing that anybody on the planet will be discussing is Nick deciding to keep the money all for himself leaving Rachel heartbroken and just plain broke. I can’t wait to hear from all of you and get your feelings on this situation. While I don’t necessarily want to just throw out my own opinion I do have a unique perspective of this situation and there are some things I think you should know that might change your perspective.

But first I want to say that no matter what you think of Nick’s decision, you have to feel bad for Rachel. Whether she was used by Michael or not, I think we could all see she was falling in love with a guy that was just never going to have those same feelings for her. She was left heartbroken. She did a very good job of expressing her feelings for Michael and did the best she could to try and get some sort of answer. But let’s face it, we’ve all been in that situation, and there is never an explanation that will make anybody feel better about it.

The only thing that made any of that okay was the fact that Rachel knew she would at least walk away from this $125,000 richer. Unfortunately for Rachel, Nick had other plans for that money — which is to say, he really wanted it for himself. Let’s put Rachel’s feelings aside and the fact that Nick didn’t handle the situation well after he won the money, and let’s lay out a few facts:

Bachelor Pad is a game. From the moment you arrive at Bachelor Pad the fact that you are playing for a quarter of a million dollars is always on your mind. Nobody, especially nobody in Rachel’s alliance, gave a damn about Nick. Not only did they not care about him, but they didn’t think he had a chance to make it to the finals. Nick was expendable and he was being used. Rachel, Michael, Jaclyn and Ed were only keeping Nick around until it was time to put him out of his misery and vote him off the show. As soon as he wasn’t useful anymore he was going to go… at least, that was the plan. Even while he was sitting on the stage, nobody in Rachel’s alliance felt he deserved the money or even to be up there. The only problem with that thought is whether you think somebody “deserves” it or not, he was there. I thought Kalon really put it in perspective when he told the other contestants that they didn’t really understand the true meaning of the word “deserve.”

So the question Nick faced was should he split the money with a woman he never had an alliance with, who didn’t really respect him as far as the game goes, and didn’t think he “deserved” to be there… or should he keep the entire amount for himself? All I know is I’ve been doing this a long time and I thought I had seen just about everything, but obviously I was wrong. I was stunned Nick had the guts to actually pull the trigger and keep all the money for himself. The audience loved the move and went nuts when he revealed his decision. The look on the other cast members faces was priceless. So, let the debate begin on this amazing finale of Bachelor Pad. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Before we put a bow on this season, I would be remiss if I didn’t congratulate Tony and Blakeley on their engagement. It was a pleasant surprise that the two of them even hooked up, but to see them fall in love and start a life together is a wonderful thing. I wish the two of them nothing but love and success in the future. One thing we did cut out was right after Tony and Blakeley announced they were moving in together, SWAT yells out, “Oh, thank God, I thought you were going to propose.” I gave SWAT a ton of grief after the show, letting him know he almost blew this poor guys proposal.

We are also holding out hope for Kalon and Lindzi, as well as Ed and Jaclyn. These relationships weren’t as straightforward but hey, anything is possible in the Pad. And on a side note, as much grief as I’ve given Ed this season, I have to say he is an entertaining guy and he is always honest about who he is. Bravo. This is the last blog of the season, so I won’t be back here until the premiere episode of The Bachelor in January 2013. In the meantime, I know all of you are all dying to know who our new Bachelor will be. I can tell you that an announcement is imminent. Keep following me on Twitter @chrisbharrison and I’ll give you all the breaking news. [Editor’s note: Check out’s Q&A with Chris Harrison to read more on his thoughts about the next season of The Bachelor.] I want to thank all of you for watching this season of Bachelor Pad. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next summer.

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