By Nakisha Williams
Updated September 10, 2012 at 04:11 PM EDT
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In just over 48-hours, Rose Byrne went from taking in the stumping at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina to taking in the stomping at New York Fashion Week.

“This is madness!” the actress told EW as she surveyed the scene at Lincoln Center just before the start of designer Jill Stuart’s spring 2013 show. “[Fashion Week] is always so fascinating, it’s like a circus.”

So which event gets Byrne’s vote for having the most outrageous outfits: the DNC with its flair-loving politicos or NYFW’s often over-the-top fashionistas?

“It’s really weird, it’s actually not that different. I mean it is different, but it was as chaotic there as it is here, in a way.”

The actress also talked about her own personal style, including the skin-revealing trend she’s finally worked up the courage to try and her biggest fashion faux-pas.

“I’ve [started] to embrace the crop top,” she said. “Everyone in [New York City’s] East Village is wearing them so I finally bowed and bought one at American Apparel.”

Asked about a fashion phase she wishes she could forget, Byrne barely skipped a beat before giving us her answer. “I wore terrible bicycle shorts for a period of time as an outfit, like out of my home,” she admitted. “I’d go to parties in them. It was terrible, terrible! They’re for riding a bicycle, not for when you’re at a party!”