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True story: The other day, I spent three hours planning my TV schedule for fall. Yes, three hours. And yes, I took into account the fact that I have two DVRs. (Work and home!)

Like any good athlete, I’ve prepared and am ready for battle. THIS IS OUR TIME, fellow couch potatoes. Join me!

And now that we’re all motivated, I invite you to channel that excitement into some questions! Send all burning questions to And if you’ve already submitted one, maybe it made this week’s Spoiler Room column…


I know we were all incredibly shocked by Toby’s betrayal. (Also, none of us actually believe he’s evil, right?) But I’m willing to bet that our broken hearts are going to be mere blips on the pain radar compared to what Spencer will feel when she finds out the truth. And according to Troian Bellisario, that might be sooner than we think.

“She doesn’t know about it [yet] but she’s a very smart girl, so you can expect that she’s not going to stay in the dark for very long,” she told EW at the Tadashi Shoji fashion show this week. “One of the things that we setup very well is that other than the girls, the only thing in the world that Spencer truly loves and feels comfortable with is Toby. So, you’re going to see a storm [when she finds out].”

Meanwhile, Bellisario said she’s excited for fans to check out the Halloween episode on Oct. 23, which picks up a few months after the events seen in the summer finale. “It’s the craziest episode we’ve ever filmed [and it’s] a different setting than you’ve ever seen,” she says of the big train ride from Hell. “Everybody’s there and it’s in a very confined setting. It’s like a boiling pot [and] everybody’s problems kind of [come] to a head.”

As long as none of this results in someone actually losing their head, I’m in. But with PLL, you never know, do you?


Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Not being among the Ambered comes with a price, according to Lance Reddick. And he’s not just talking about spending an extra two hours in the makeup trailer getting old age makeup applied. “For Broyles, every day is a struggle,” Reddick says of the weight on his character’s shoulders this season on Fringe.

From what we’ve seen in the intense promos for the final season, which is set in 2036, that assessment is not terribly surprising. A lot has happened to the world, including, of course, the Observer invasion, which — in the first few episodes, at least — will be shown in flashbacks that “really fill in the blanks.” “I’m excited about my character’s function plot-wise [this season],” says Reddick, who’s also hard at work promoting his upcoming movie Won’t Back Down (out Sept. 28).

But with only 13 episodes in this season, he can’t say much more. Not only is our time in this strange and unusual world precious, but the serialized elements of the show are unapologetically prominent this year — meaning no crimes-of-the-week to pad the season’s mythology. “We’re much more like a cable show this year — except with the swearing,” he jokes.


While sifting through all the amazing tweets of thanks I’ve been sent this week in response to the Castle article in EW’s Fall TV Preview, I realized that there were a few burning questions many of you had. So I’ll go ahead and tackle those now!

Got more? Send ’em my way.


Tell me something about the Glee premiere!! – Kellie

Well, y’all certainly had mixed reactions to the pictures of Brody and Rachel getting cozy in episode 2, but after checking out the season premiere, I’ve started to wonder if even the most loyal Finchel fans might be a little charmed by Brody’s kind demeanor. I’m very curious to see what your reaction is once you see him in action. And on a completely piggish note, the boy also has a rockin’ bod…which we get to see in a towel…and freshly showered. It’s quite the first impression for us – and Rachel. (Also, before someone calls me a giant perv, I will have you know that Dean Geyer is 20 26 years old. So there.) Sandra note: Age corrected! Even better…

Klaine scoop pleeeeaaaassseeee!!! – Jenn

Judging by your overuse of vowels, I’m guessing you’ve already heard Darren Criss’ version of “It’s Time.” Personally, I’m obsessed — not to mention I’m currently listening to it as I type. And after watching the first episode and seeing the context for the performance (KLAINE ALERT!), I love it even more. Sigh. In non-couples news: When Blaine isn’t serenading, he’s in a fierce competition with fellow members of New Directions to be the *** *a***.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I’d love some Scandal scoop! – Sara

Second puzzle of the week: Olivia is going to hear a phrase she’s probably never heard in her entire life “***’** *i*e*!”

I keep hearing that the Bones Season 8 premiere is AMAZING!….So, just how adorable is Booth & Christine’s reunion? Commence the cute deets please, thx! – Sue B

First, the premiere is pretty amazing. I’ll admit that before I watched, I was a little worried that Booth’s resentment toward Runaway Mommy would sully any sweet moments, but that is not the case at all. In fact, I’m happy to report that the Booth/Bones/Baby reunion is very cute — almost as heart-warming as Christine’s baby jabber. One word in particular that she seems to have mastered will make you — and Booth — melt!

Hey, Sandra! You haven’t shared anything on Bones in a long time. Anything on Booth and Brennan, or exciting that we haven’t heard of yet? – Mariam

Remember the washing machine sex that David Boreanaz talked about at Comic-Con? Hold that thought…

Hey Sandra! I’m dying for some Hawaii Five-0 scoop? Can you help me out pllleeease?! — @lexi_girl89

Pretty Little Liars isn’t the only one planning a Halloween ep! I hear there’s a pretty fun-sounding Halloween-themed episode in the works that finds McGarrett and Danny working a murder that took place at a costume party, and Kono and Chin Ho working a case with a pagan twist. My hope? We see at least ONE person rocking a costume. In my dreams, it’s McGarrett as Batman. Mmm…(I’ve clearly gone off topic.)

I’ll take any news on #NCIS McGee? Or any kind of #NCIS scoop you may have would be great? :) — @zoyaroses

I should have some great stuff for you next week. Why? Because a certain season premiere will be sitting on my doorstep as early as TOMORROW! Start packing my inbox with specific queries.

Hi Sandra, I can’t remember the last time Spoiler Room had some Private Practice scoop on Charlotte & Cooper. Its been SO long! Will you pls help this HUGE [fan] out! Thanks! – KC

In times like these, I must call in reinforcements. And by that, I mean my colleague Tanner Stransky, who spoke with Kate Walsh for EW’s Fall TV Preview (on stands now!). He brought me this tease just for you: In the season opener, we all know that Addison will be making her decision between Jake and Sam. What you may not have heard? That her big choice is just one of many huge things happening in the opener. (And yes, we’re talking about Char and Coop, too.) “Huge news happens to every single character,” says Walsh. “We’re doing things that are totally in line with what would be realistic for these characters. But also it’s really intense, and they include socio-political issues that come up that just are really kind of razor-edge, ethically debatable, and really killer storylines.”

I’m missing Suits in a pretty intense way. No, I’m not sitting in a dark room rocking back and forth or anything, but I am sitting in a dark room watching all the episodes over again. HELP ME OUT!! Before this gets serious… — Maggie

I hate to break it to you, Maggie. But this addiction already sounds out of control — so allow me to enable you with this juicy tease: Remember when EP Aaron Korsh promised EW’s Mandi Bierly that Rachel and Mike would be getting back together “on some sort of non-angry footing a few episodes into the winter season, based on a case that comes in that has a personal aspect to it for Rachel”? Turns out that “personal aspect” is her dad, who the show is currently casting. And let’s just say dear old pa, who’s a lawyer, has a less-than-awesome relationship with his daughter.

Doctor Who! Raising Hope! — @xxtriplestarxx

I’ll take Raising Hope because there are two teases I’ve been dying to share: 1) The death Sabrina’s granny ends up launching Sabrina and Jimmy into serious discussions about nuptials. And after several twists and turns, the episode will end on a note that I certainly wasn’t expecting. 2) Drakkar Noir makes his return!! And in this flashback, a twist is revealed that involves someone close to Sabrina…

TVD fans? :p — @IfYouDontKnow1

Gear up for a yet another flashback. But I’ll let Daniel Gillies give you the skinny on all that next week, in Spoiler Room Video Edition. ;)

Saving Hope
Credit: Rafy/NBC

Is there any chance of Joel and Maggie getting back together on #SavingHope. They were a cute couple. — @anam_xo

I’m going to have to say no – mostly because when Daniel Gillies stopped by to film the aforementioned Spoiler-ific segment, he said last two episodes of the yanked-from-broadcast series would open our eyes a bit more to his true feelings. “I think it’s becoming more abundantly clear that he’s in love with Alex. He just wants her to acknowledge that there’s some sort of frequency here,” he says. “[In the last two episodes] Joel is kind of coming undone. He definitely presents himself as this fortress of strength and he’s really not….There’s something emotionally depleted about him. There’s something missing from him and I think he’s in denial that he’s seeking that.” Make sure to catch the last two episodes of Saving Hope online – and don’t weep too much over its loss. The bright side is that it’s getting a second season in Canada!

Thank you SO much for the Leverage chat with Aldis Hodge last Sunday. Please do another one again soon! Now, let’s hear some scoop! – Peggy

Well, you know how we’re all waiting to hear news on renewal? Well, start campaigning even harder! Because if you don’t, chances are that you will be driven CRAZY by the season finale. “We usually want to do [finales] in a way that we honor our audience and not screw them over. We also don’t want to leave too much set,” says Hodge. “But I think our audience is going to be surprised. We have the most major revelations in the season finale that we’ve ever had…The audience is going to flip.”

White Collar scoop, please! Loving this season so far! — Angela B.

I know we typically don’t like it when Peter and Neal fight (unless it involves boxing gloves like next week’s episode!), but in the mid-season finale, airing Sept. 18, their feud is actually pretty hilarious. In one particularly amusing scene, the two must recount their first case together in front of a crowd and let’s just say they have slightly different versions to tell. I just love these guys!

Any chance for some #GossipGirl scoop? Preferably on Chuck/Blair or Blair/Serena but I’ll take anything. — @anniebear_xo

I tried. I promise you; I tried. But it seems that things are so tight-lipped on set for this final season of Gossip Girl that even Ed Westwick is playing it coy. I present to you our (very short) convo with him at the Style Awards:

And I still love you, Ed. But let’s get with the scoopage, love! Maybe next time…

(Nuzhat Naoreen, Tanner Stransky, and Nakisha Williams contributed to this column.)

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