By Bronwyn Barnes
September 08, 2012 at 09:58 PM EDT
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When it comes to the costumes worn by the characters on Girls, underwear is more than just a foundation garment.

“If you’ve seen Girls, you know we wear… the most bizarre dresses and very specifically chosen weird underwear,” Williams said when she presented the TV Costume Designer of the Year award to Jenn Rogien at the 5th annual Style Awards, which helped kick off New York Fashion Week. “That is of course only a small part of her huge talent.”

Rogien, who worked as a costume assistant on shows like The Good Wife, Bored to Death, and Lipstick Jungle before being chosen to oversee the wardrobe department on the HBO series, recently explained how both the personalities of the Brooklyn-based characters and her indie-sized costume budget influence the types of skivvies worn by the girls on Girls.  

“There’s a lot of sex in the show, but its not sexy sex. It’s awkward, funny and sometimes silly sex, and underwear is a big part of it,” Rogien told Women’s Wear Daily last month. “There’s a lot of underwear as we head into these sex scenes.”

While Leah Dunham’s Hannah is often seen in sporty brands like Hanes and Jockey and Zosia Mamet’s Shoshanna opts for girly styles from Victoria’s Secret, Williams’ character Marnie favors underwear from Calvin Klein and DKNY.

“Costuming is crucial to character development on a TV series and her styling was instrumental to making our whole cast look realistic, relatable and, when appropriate, really quite good for twenty-somethings on a budget,” Williams told the crowd at the Style Awards. “I feel so lucky to be dressed by her.”

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Reporting by Nakisha Williams

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