By Erin Strecker
September 07, 2012 at 07:15 PM EDT
Patrick Semansky/AP

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, the political conventions are about more than just politics. Last week we delved into hats, leis, Beanie Babies and more style trends from the RNC, now we turn our attention to the best flair at the Democratic National Convention.

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10. American Flag Fashion 

Hiawatha Foster was one of the delegates who incorporated the stars and stripes into her look, showing off her patriotism through her business-casual jacket and floppy topper and her designer taste with a logo’d Coach bag.

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9. Obama Fan Flair

Mississippi delegate Kelly Jacobs goes Obama-glam in a sparkly black and white tunic bearing the President’s likeness. Jacobs chose to dress up the look with a pair of formal satin gloves.

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8.) Cheeseheads for Obama

A delegate from Wisconsin wedges in some state pride. If you’re not a fan of cheddar, might we suggest red, white and bleu cheese instead?

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7. Happy Birthday USA

This accessory tells us a lot about the wearer: She loves Obama, has well-developed neck muscles that can support a ton of hat flair, and, judging by those cocktail umbrellas, knows how to have a good time. But the hat itself looks suspiciously edible… and are those googly eyes?

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6.) Obama the Puppet

The term “puppet president” doesn’t have a positive connotation, but inside the arena this doll was an easy way to attract some positive attention.

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5.) Barack Buttons

We’re going to go ahead and declare this the most well-constructed accessory at the DNC. At first glance you think; ‘How can such a delicate hat hold up under the weight of all those buttons?’ And then it hits you, there’s a baseball cap acting as a support system (almost) hidden underneath!

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4.) Miss DNC

Look, it’s Mississippi delegate Kelly Jacobs again! This woman clearly knows her way around a patriotic dress, and this one is so versatile she’s sure to get a lot of wear out of it — just think, she’ll never have to wonder what to wear to a 4th of July BBQ again.

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3.) Greedy Piggies

Not everyone was onboard with the DNC. Outside, protestors demonstrated against a whole host of grievances, but this one caught our eye in his sunglasses, pig nose and pink bowler hat.

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2.) The Classic T

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.

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1.) Patriotic Jewelry

Volunteer Schwanna Black’s flare is an eye-grabbing accessory. The fact that her jewelery adorn ears — Obama’s most talked-about feature — may be more than a coincidence. Either way, we’re eagerly scrolling ETSY for a pair this election season.