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Penn, Penn, Penn. Can I call you Penn? I’ll assume you said “yes,” and get right down to brass tacks: Where has your fashion sense gone?

As the picture on the right proves, you were a sartorial star in 2008 — that suit you wore to the Fashion Group International’s 25th Annual Night of Stars was sleek, tailored, and totally appropriate for the occasion. Your hair was messy-cute, your tie was maybe a little shiny, but you were pulling it off. You had it all: a credible Blue Steel impression, great style, and the love of one Blake Lively.

But lately, things have changed. Just look at what you wore to a Fashion Week event yesterday — the electric blue blazer! The wide, crotch-long tie cut from some sort of upholstery! The goofy, Tom Hanks in Big hair! What are you hiding behind your back? Where are your socks? Ed Westwick would be mortified if he saw you looking like this.

What happened, Penn? Is your current girlfriend Zoe Kravitz just not not as hands-on the way that Serena Van Der Woo… sorry, Blake Lively so obviously was? Are you bummed that the end of Gossip Girl is nigh?

I don’t mean to sound way harsh, Penn, but nobody should look like he was dressed by the costume designer from Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper.

C’mon, wipe off that weird smirk and go get a haircut — nothing too drastic — then buy yourself a new suit and take it to a tailor to have it properly fitted. And hey, since you and Blake still work together, why not ask her to give Zoe a few tips on how to keep you on the right sartorial track?

Am I being too hard on Lonely Boy, or do you agree that Badgley is in need of a style intervention?

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