Your excitement over last week's ''Walking Dead'' cover, unexplainable attraction to ''Honey Boo Boo,'' and more

No Guts, No Glory
I am so looking forward to season 3 of The Walking Dead — I even have an annual party in honor of the show. Your four covers were epic, and the feature covered everything without ruining anything or giving too much away. EW, if the apocalypse ever does come, the zombies will have total respect for you, since you have always been so gracious to them. Now bring on the dead!
Janel Spiegel

Allentown, Pa.

I have been a loyal EW reader since well before my kids were born. Now that I’m a mom, though, I’m more sensitive to the images coming into our home. So I was horrified to see the Walking Dead cover with Michonne’s chained zombies, their arms gone, their faces half eaten. Kudos for featuring a strong, resilient female character front and center, but please leave the zombies on the pages inside.
Laura Lanemann

Affton, Mo.

A Toast to Pink
In the article on Pink, she discusses the impact that her songs have had on her young female fan base, and she’s quoted as saying, ”It’s ‘I like you because you make me want to be like me.”’ I just want her to know that she doesn’t only have this effect on young girls. I’m a 31-year-old woman struggling with bipolar II disorder, and Pink’s songs, especially ”F—in’ Perfect,” have helped me achieve self-acceptance just as much as psychotherapy has. Thank you for writing about a female artist who is real and relevant.
Meghan Lieberman

Easton, Pa.

Drawn Like a Fly to Honey
After reading Jess Cagle’s insights on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (Editor’s Note), I admit I did some soul-searching as to why I enjoy the show so much. At first, I felt bad for the family; they could be doing so much more with their lives. But then I got out of my ivory tower and realized that not everyone shops at Whole Foods and drives BMWs. Having watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I can definitely say it’s refreshing to see a group of people treat each other kindly. With these shows, it’s hard to say what’s real and what’s been staged. But so far, I’ve gotten a kick out of watching them have fun.
Andrea Romo

Los Angeles

There Will Be (More) Blood
I like how you showed the new images from Carrie alongside the almost identical ones from the original film (First Look). This way, hopefully readers will say, ”Hey, I’ve already seen this movie” and skip out on yet another pointless remake. Carrie has already been made into a movie, a sequel, a musical, and a TV remake. Let’s let the poor girl rest in peace already.
Michael Wallace

Frisco, Tex.


In Quadrophenia, Sting plays Ace Face, a member of the Mod gang (DVD).

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