Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged: Part I was savaged by critics and ignored by audiences when it opened last year, earning only $4.6 million during its limited run. But perhaps the sequel will have better luck, especially since the new trailer seems to be full of soundbites that could have been overheard at the recent Republican National Convention: “The government takes what they want and taxes what they leave behind!”

Based on Ayn Rand’s extremely influential 1957 novel — Paul Ryan is a proud fan and former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was a dedicated disciple of Rand’s — the films tell the story of Dagney Taggert, a courageous railroad executive who resists the totalitarian government’s leeching off the world’s greatest minds, entrepreneurs, and job creators.

The book’s famous question, “Who is John Galt?” has a second connotation here since a different actor is now playing that heroic role. In fact, most of the major actors and actresses have been replaced from Part I — Taylor Schilling, Grant Bowler, and Paul Johannson, out; Samantha Mathis, Jason Beghe, D.B. Sweeney, in. Of course, that doesn’t much matter if you didn’t see the first movie.

Watch the clip below:

Who is John Galt? Bruce Wayne perhaps. The limitless-energy device — in Rand’s book, it was a more primitive motor — sounds a lot like the fusion reactor in The Dark Knight Rises. Ooooo, and Wayne drops off the face of the earth, just like Galt… I’m just saying!

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