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When Ed Westwick picked up a trophy at the 9th annual Style Awards last night, there was one person he didn’t mention during his acceptance speech — his TV alter ego, Chuck Bass.

“I already had it,” the Gossip Girl actor told EW when asked what he’s learned about looking good while working on the stylish CW series. “I’m my own style icon, that’s why I’m here.”

Westwick rocked the open shirt and evening scarf look at last night’s festivities, so what can we expect to see the fashion-forward actor wearing next?

“I’ll tell you, what I want to do is a straight jacket,” he said. “Like the old punks used to wear in the ’70s. I want to do a straight jacket, it’s cool.”

While we wait for Westwick to bring back bondage couture, we’re looking forward to seeing more of Chuck Bass’ signature looks — like this onesie jumpsuit — when Gossip Girl returns for its sixth and final season on October 8.

Who’s got better style — Ed Westwick or Chuck Bass? Tell us in the comments.

–reporting by Nakisha Williams

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