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This year’s Video Music Awards celebrity gift bags are as swaggerific, peculiar, and as coveted as the talent that will get them. From candles to condoms, MTV has its stars (and some fans) hooked up with the essentials. Here are some of the items that stand out.

The peculiar:

Snacks and tunes — No celebrity diet would be complete without Hot Pockets. I mean, have you tried the limited edition four cheese garlic pasta bake; it tastes like carb heaven. And no celebrity music diet would be complete without Snoop’s dope beats. So in addition to crispy pocket pastry goodness, the company will also gift stars customized iPods with Snoop’s latest music. We’re not ”lion.”

Condoms — Trojan is giving away condoms to ensure that stars have a safe but satisfying VMA experience.

The re-purposed:

Recycled booze — This year’s goody bag seems to have a green theme. Some of the items include recycled objects, including a Bombay Sapphire gin bottle-turned-drinking-glass-and-necklace courtesy of BottleHood.

Recycled beats — Wear Your Music is giving out bracelets made with guitar strings, the ideal craft project for young, party-lovin’ musicians.

The coveted:

Designer duds — NIKKI RICH’s printed tops, Robbie French Designs’ vintage belts, Stone Rose’s button-downs, Rep the Code’s t-shirts, and Timbuk2’s messenger bags are some of the designer items we’d like to get our hands on.

The ordinary:

Now smell this — ”One” may be Calvin Klein’s signature fragrance (and the most successful unisex scent to date), but the almost 20-year-old fragrance doesn’t seem hip enough for the VMAs. CK “One Shock” may have been a better choice.

Nostalgia overload– Nickelodeon and New Era are giving away “official” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles snapback hats. Yeah, I can see Lady Gaga rocking that.

What do you think of the bag’s contents? Are you jealous of the stars or don’t care for the goodies?

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