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What an exciting night of dance! Tension ran high on the judging panel and in the audience as to who would make our finale. The pressure is off the judges because America voted for the top six tonight, and for who would be in the finale. We had absolutely no say, so I found it odd today that my Twitter was so abuzz with comments about how "we" could possibly let a certain dancer leave the show! Dancers in the finale are the dancers that America wanted. Whether they're the best or not, it's about them being America's favorite dancers. So when I'm asked by reporters "Did America get it right?" — of course they did because it's about America's favorites!

Last night was an evening with a lot at stake and some stellar performances were delivered. Starting off the night was a rip-roaring jive choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux starring Tiffany and season 2 winner and all-star Benji Schwimmer. It was great to see Benji again with all of his electric energy and there's nobody that loves to ham it up more than him. But Tiffany absolutely kept up with him in energy and even in dance technique. I believe it's the first time she's ever done the jive and she was quick, clean, and full of life. The jive is all about having fun and it sure looked like she was having it!

Another favorite number of the night was a hip-hop number choreo'd by Christopher Scott starring Cyrus and all-star Comfort. This routine was so entertaining with popping, waving, tutting, and just good hard-hitting hip-hop. I am still amazed at the fact that Cyrus, although he's never taken classes – even in his own style! – could pick up the very quick and clever choreography of Christopher Scott. I hear it on my Twitter that people just think Cyrus shakes around but that's only if you don't understand how difficult it is, and what he does as an animator. I know I sit at home and try it from time to time, and I can assure you as a trained dancer that I can't even remotely do what he does!

Another beautiful number was choreographed by Mia Michaels and starred Eliana and Cole. This partnership was dynamic and dramatic and filled the stage with amazing transitions. My favorite number of the night, however, was a contemporary piece choreographed by Tyce Diorio starring Chehon and all-star Katheryn McCormack. This was one of my favorite moments of the season, when the stars have all aligned, when you have great music, a great choreographer, and two great dancers that have brought it to life. It's always a pleasure seeing Katheryn on that stage. She's the epitome of elegance, class and power. These two looked like their partnership was years-long yet they only met a few days ago. I always find it interesting how one minute and thirty seconds can bring you to tears and make the hair raise on your arms. This was that kind of number.

The music was from Oscar-winning film Schindler's List, and captured the feeling of when tragedy hits – where do you go and what do you do when all you have in your hands is one suitcase? The portrayal of movement that was geniously structured by Tyce had us on our feet without question. I loved the fact that Chehon related this to his own life, and what his family had to give up, and that generally in a dancer's life we travel with just a suitcase living like gypsies from one country to the next. Chehon's performances seem to be getting better and better – that's one thing I love about this show: watching these kids grow from week to week.

Last night we said goodbye to Whitney and Cole, two amazing dancers who's skills I don't think anyone can question. I can't believe we're at the threshold of the finale. This season has truly gone by fast and even more so considering there hasn't been a results show. I'm really looking forward to the finale and to more magical moments!

The dress I was wearing last night was by Lanvin, with jewelry by Zorab.

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