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Updated September 06, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
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It’s official: MTV’s House of Style has two brand new hosts.

Models Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls will follow in the footsteps of Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn and Molly Sims when the fashion show returns in the form of a bi-weekly web series on Tuesday, October 9.

EW hopped on the phone with Kloss and Smalls ahead of the announcement, which kicked off tonight’s Video Music Awards, to discuss why they seized the opportunity to be more than just a pair of pretty faces, the show’s new digital format, and why they weren’t fans of the original series — HINT: They were still in diapers.

“This was an incredible opportunity that came around fairly recently,” said 20-year-old Kloss. “It’s such an iconic show, and it is not often as a model that you get a voice and get to show your personality.”

The House of Style reboot, which will live on MTV Style, will consist of 4- to 5-minute web segments. And while many aspects of the fashion world have changed since the first time the show aired, Smalls, 24, said there is one key aspect that has not: “I think it’s a good tool to show a little more about our industry.”

More from our chat with the duo below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How familiar are you both with the original House of Style?

KLOSS: We were fans, but we were very young, though. I think we were in diapers the first time House of Style aired with Cindy Crawford. But nonetheless, we’ve been doing our homework and [watched] all the clips when they released them on the archive on MTV. So we’ve been catching up. And it’s amazing watching all the clips from the 11 seasons it was on and seeing all the designers and editors and models — most of which are still in [the undistry]. I have so much respect for all of these designers we get to work with on such a personal level. Joan and I have very close relationships with [them], but I think because we are so young, for me, I forget how long they’ve been doing it and how influential these people are. [To us] they’re our friends; they’re normal people. So it’s cool to watch these old clips and see them 10, 15, 20 years ago doing the same thing.

How are you feeling taking on this important gig? Have you reached out to Cindy for advice or other TV hosts?

SMALLS: I’m excited!

KLOSS: Joan, I feel like we need to meet with Cindy and get the rundown. When she did it she was about our age, right? She had never done hosting before and neither have Joan and I. This is new territory for us. And what’s unique about this is that we can be ourselves. We don’t have to memorize lines, we don’t have to play a character.

SMALLS: It comes completely natural.

KLOSS: But I think we should interview Cindy and get some pointers.

Are you two close? It sounds a bit like you are…

SMALLS: I think that’s the great thing. When I found out it was Karlie, I was so excited because she’s a friend. We always hang out. We always talk. We’re going through the same experiences and it’s good to share this with someone you really enjoy being around and her company. Of course we get along.

KLOSS: She’s just saying that because we’re on the phone! [laughs]

SMALLS (joking): You owe me money! [laughs]

Have y’all received your first assignments yet?

SMALLS: You’re going to have to watch and be surprised!

KLOSS: But it’s all going to be very exciting stuff.

SMALLS: Most of what you’re going to be seeing is me keeping Karlie in check.

KLOSS: Exactly. And me trying to keep up with Ms. Smalls. But it’s really just us being us. We get to show the world our world. We get to show [it to] people who normally don’t have access to the high fashion industry or [to the] work of Marc Jacobs or Oscar de la Renta or Karl Lagerfeld. They are most designers that most people have heard of, but people might not know what they do, what they look like or the ins and outs of how they design or how fashion shows work or how fashion week works. With this show, we want to give that access to everybody. We want to give them what Joan and I experience and get to be a part of on a regular basis.

You’ll be going on a variety of assignments — from music video sets to fashion shows. Anyone you’re excited about possibly meeting? Or is there anyone you might geek out over?

KLOSS: MTV in general is involved with so many artists — musicians, actors, people in the fashion industry, and art world. There are so many different people, I think we have a long list of people we’re going to be meeting and interviewing.

SMALLS: I think it’s better not to expect and just go with it and enjoy the moment.


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