Eva Longoria will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention tonight before President Obama’s acceptance speech in Charlotte. But if you’re concerned that she has plans to speak to an Empty Chair, à la Clint Eastwood, relax. The Desperate Housewives star told CNN’s Piers Morgan that she has no intention of turning her big moment into a vaudeville routine. “I come from a very different position than Clint Eastwood,” she said, referring not to their political differences, but their dedication to their respective candidate’s campaigns. “He had a very different narrative.”

Longoria isn’t popping up tonight just as a celebrity — she’s a co-chair for Obama’s re-election committee and has been speaking to audiences across the country, focusing on issues important to Latino and women voters.

But Morgan was mightily interested in Longoria’s thoughts on Eastwood — as well as her shoes — but she demurred, explaining that she’d only seen excerpts that she described as “interesting.”

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