So close …

Marvel Studios' massive box set collection of its "Phase One" series of movies — everything from 2008's Iron Man to last May's The Avengers — will no longer be released on Sept. 25, but will instead be pushed back to an unspecified date next spring, according to sources at parent company Disney.

The holdup … ? The packaging.

A German luggage firm has filed a lawsuit alleging that the silver briefcase for the six-movie collection is too similar to one of its products.

Rimowa GmbH filed a trademark claim on Aug. 1 in California Central District Court, saying the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One collection, which comes with a glowing Teseract cube, is a knock off of its Topas attache case that hurts the brand.

The case was designed to be a miniature version of the case carried by Samuel L. Jackson's character Nick Fury in The Avengers. But in response, Marvel and Disney are pulling all the sets and will redesign the packaging for a new release in several months. Pre-orders have already been shut down on some major online retail sites.

But it's not all bad news: The Avengers stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray discs will still hit stories on Sept. 25, as planned. Meanwhile, the film just recently crossed the $1.5 billion mark in the worldwide box office, and Marvel is currently at work on its "Phase Two" series of movies, which will include Iron Man 3, sequels to Thor and Captain America, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

There's no official comment yet from Disney or Marvel on the packaging problem, and no word on what will become of the many discarded plastic briefcases.

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