While many awards show ceremonies focus on displaying nominated songs from the past year, this year’s MTV VMAs took another route: letting its top artists showcase their newest material.

Standout 2011-2012 singles like Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and fun.’s “We Are Young” fell by the wayside in favor of cuts most people have yet to hear from albums that won’t be hitting the streets for a few weeks, if not months.

There was Alicia Keys performing her new smoking-chorus ballad “Girl on Fire,” which will be on her November-slated album of the same name. Before that, Pink vividly brought to life “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, taken from Sept. 18’s The Truth About Love.

Resilient punk trio Green Day gave fans a live whiff of the spiky “Let Yourself Go,” the third single from Sept. 24’s trilogy-starting album Uno! And, to close the show, Taylor Swift trotted (and hopped, and twirled) out her wildly catchy, chart-topping “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

All four of these debuts were memorable in their own ways, but which was the best? Did Billie Joe Armstrong’s “there is no stage” punk ethos trump Pink’s “I’m literally above you” pop-star acrobatics? Did Taylor’s hot-pantsed Gap commercial rule the night, or did the back handsprings from gold-winning Olympian Gabrielle Douglas help earn Keys a 10?

We have our hunches, but we’d like to know how you guys come down on the matter. Let us know, readers, by voting in the poll below.