What would a coastally-set found footage horror movie look like if it was directed by much lauded, Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson? Yes, that’s an unusual, and unusually specific, question. But it’s one we’re now able to ruminate upon in an informed manner thanks to the arrival of the trailer for The Bay, a coastally-set found footage horror movie which is indeed the work of the Diner and Rain Man auteur.

The answer? It looks much like the kind of amazingly gruesome, body horror-featuring gorefest one imagines David Cronenberg might make had he not abandoned the genre in favor of the sort of high-minded, actorly material once much more associated with filmmakers such as, well, Barry Levinson.

Take a look at the clip for The Bay — which swims into cinemas and onto VOD, November 2 — and see if you agree.

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